Create and Simulate a Procedural Rope

Create and Simulate a Procedural Rope

Today we’ll create a procedural rope and simulate it using the grain solver. There are always many different ways to achieve stuff in Houdini. In this tutorial I chose the VEX route to generate the rope. This gives a nice self-contained node that can easily be turned into a digital asset. The procedural rope is then deformed to a simulated wire using wire deform.

00:45 Working on the Rope
01:30 Laying down an Attribute Wrangle
02:00 Coding a Procedural Circle
06:00 Setting the Circles Radius
06:40 Creating a Spiral
10:00 Creating Multiple Strands
14:00 Adding Geometry to the Rope
15:00 Preparing the Wire Simulation
19:00 Simulating the Wire
22:00 Deforming the High-Res Geo

Cast: Entagma

Tags: Houdini, Sidefx, Tutorial, procedural, modeling, vops, vex, rope, asset, simulation, dops, grains, pbd, abstract and art

Visit Entagma’s Vimeo page to view their other videos.

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