Directions From Growth

Directions From Growth

When dealing with growth solvers, often you not only need the growth itself, but a direction vector. For exapmple to copy feathers on to a surface. In this tutorial Manuel explains how to calculate direction vectors on the surface by using the gradient.

01:00 Importing the geometry
01:37 Remeshing
02:15 Preparing the seed
04:50 Precalculating neighbours
08:45 Writing the solver
13:00 Visualizing the result
15:00 Using polyframe to compute the gradient
18:30 Creating the orient attribute
22:00 Removing points that are not infected

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon and a special shout out to Mohammed Al Abri, Chris Hebert, Nick Nick, Bahaman jahanbakhshi, John Kunz and Joseph Howerton – thanks for truly believing in us!

Initial geo:

Project File:

Cast: Entagma

Visit Entagma’s Vimeo page to view their other videos.

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