Implementing A Position Based Cloth Solver From Scratch

Implementing A Position Based Cloth Solver From Scratch

Position Based Dynamic effects are quite popular today as these provide us with fast, predictable and stable simulations. Houdini comes with PBDs packaged inside of the “Grains” node and with H17 with XPBD inside of the vellum solver. This video shows how to implement one of the ancestors of the PBD technique. The idea comes from an aritcle on gamasutra called “Advanced Character Physics”
By implementing this Verlet based cloth solver we gain quite some insight in the principles behind Position Based Dynamics.

01:30 Theory Verlet Integration
05:00 Deriving The Verlet Ingegration Forumula
07:45 Implementing A Particle System
10:30 Implementing Verlet Integration
14:30 Theory On Constraints
18:15 Implementing The Constraint Loop

Cast: Entagma

Visit Entagma’s Vimeo page to view their other videos.

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